[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lowicz records

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Sun Jul 18 10:48:36 PDT 2004

As Bob mentioned, Kurt Weiss did extract some selected Marriage records,
which found their way to SGGEE early this year for publication.

Heinz is correct, SGGEE is now in possession of Photocopies of Lowicz parish
records from 1836-1864, which copies will be available for viewing at the
August Convention.  These records will then be transcribed and put into a
database.  Photocopies of the Marriage and death records, from 1836 to about
1855,  will be forthcoming later this year.

The fate of the original Church Books is unknown, but we are thankful that
our contact in Germany has the foresight about 10 years ago to photocopy the
original records, and since then was able to help some people by providing
them with copies for their research.

Rose Ingram
SGGEE Research Committee

> Hi ,
> We are in the process of getting the records from Maryville; as of now we
> the first mailing of ca. 2000 birth records in CALGARY. The marriages  and
> death's are coming in the next few months.
> Heinz Rode
> bfand wrote:
> > >From what I was told , some of the Lowicz records were removed from
> > the church and were in someones private possesion, I believe in Poland.
> > I was told that someone once arranged a meeting, travelled to Poland and
> > made copies of those records. Kurt Weise in Badsoden, Germany was
> > on extracting those records and was supposed to either be publishing
them or
> > somehow making them available to the public. He also had access to pre
> > Ozorkow records that have not been filmed. This was several years ago
> > perhaps
> > the project has been completed. I think Ewald Wuschke had contacts with
> > people working
> > on this project.  I know for certain the records exist because someone
> > sent me some extracts
> > from both the early Lowicz and Ozorkow Lutheran churches.
> >
> > Bob

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