[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Passenger Lists in Kew

Paul Rakow rakow at ifh.de
Tue Jul 27 09:26:08 PDT 2004

   Dear D,

      The British passenger lists are more useful for telling you
 details of your family's journey, rather than other genealogical
 information.  The only personal questions were age and nationality.

       In the 1920s the passenger lists at the port of exit (usually
 Liverpool) did also record some information about the first part of
 the voyage. They were asked to say by which port they had entered
 Britain, and which steam-ship line had brought them. The port was
 normally one of the East-coast ports (eg Hull, Grimsby or London).

     In the case of my great-great grandfather I think they made
 a helpful mistake, and put the name of the ship he arrived on,
 instead of the shipping line (the entry was Baltara, and I've found
 a few ships of that name, but no shipping company (so far)).

       The most useful passenger lists I've seen are the Hamburg ones,
 if your ancestor started their journey there, either on the direct route,
 or via a British port, then you've really got some useful information.

          Paul Rakow
          rakow at ifh.de

 "My Ancestors" <my_ancestors at telus.net> wrote:
> >From passenger lists here in Canada I have located my ancestors on their
> arrival in Canada, and so I know the ship, port etc. coming from the Uk. I am
> know interested in knowing the ship that took them to the UK, and dates of
> that voyage etc. Do the records in Kew include the inbound voyage or only the
> outbound? Would there be any other information available on the relatives in
> Kew than this if they came from Volhynia?
> Thanks in advance.
> D

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