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Fri Jul 30 11:02:38 PDT 2004

Some of you may have just read the e-mail sent to me by D. Neumann about his 
research on the village of Ostrowka.  (That also was on this listserv)   Yes, 
this is one of the projects that was, and still is, planned to be done by 
SGGEE volunteers who have detailed information on their ancestral village(s).  
Dave has come through for us!  Will there be anyone else out there that could do 
the same, and bring something to the convention next week in Calgary??  
Besides the Stories of Life in Volhynia (and adding this year) and in Poland, it 
would be great if more information could be available to all researchers on 
various villages in Volhynia, and in Poland.  But it needs you seasoned researchers 
to contribute.  Let's help this exciting project really begin.  See me in the 
Research Room at the Convention if you have questions, or better still,  
bring something in writing to add to the collection.

Let's be willing to provide research information for those who are just 
starting their family searches.  So many do not have living grandparents who can 
help our "newbies" any more.  But active genealogists can!

See you next week.  Research Room opens Thursday, August 5, 5 PM  !!

Virginia Less

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