[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] 2 Tulowices and the polish borders of 1920

Michael & Maureen McHenry maurmike at bellatlantic.net
Tue Jun 15 11:30:45 PDT 2004

Thanks to everyone on the list for the clarifications and suggestions. I
have seen 3 spellings of Jalowice, Jalowiec and Jelowica from the list.
Are there any others? The comments from the list have made re think the
significance of this town. My grand mother does not give Jalowice as the
town she is returning from upon arrival in the USA. I have shared the
scan of the manifest with some on the list. The handwriting is very
difficult, but it appears to be M????czowa. If anyone is interested look
up Auguste Muller May 12, 1906 at the EI site. Could the child have been
delivered in a German region and then she went to live with family in
Russian Poland? Auguste's maiden name was Manzei and she doesn't show up
in the EI records of her first immigration probably 1902. In the 1906
manifest she says she was in Bristol, CT 1902-1905. She married Wilhelm
in Bristol January 1, 1903


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