[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Kreisberg, Prussia

Dave Obee daveobee at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 25 21:55:32 PDT 2004

There were several places with that name, but I would suspect that Jerry is
right -- the Kreuzburg that he identified was a large centre in an area that
saw a fairly large migration to Volhynia.

Curious, though, as to the source from 1824. Was it a church record?

Dave Obee

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> At 07:30 PM 25/06/2004 -0400, Roger & Mildred Kroshinsky wrote:
> >Greetings all,   Can anyone give me some guidance  in finding where in
> >present day maps would I find the village, city, area, or whatever, of
> >name Kreisberg, Prussia, which I found my G-G-grandparents around 1824??
> >Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.   R. Kroshinsky
> Good probability that it is Kreuzburg / Kreytsburg in modern Russia,
> formerly East Prussia.  You can use
> http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/loctown.htm to find it at N54/30
> E20/27.  Today it is known as Slavskoye.
> Note that it is possible there is another similarly spelled location in
> other parts of former Prussia which is not identified by ShtetlSeeker.
> would need to use http://www.kartenmeister.com to find it but that site is
> currently down for repair.  Check back to it in a couple of weeks just to
> make sure that I am not leading you astray.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
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