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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 22 10:20:34 PST 2004

Perhaps the i at the end is a quirk of the handwriting or it could be the 
way in which a c with an apostrophe over it was transliterated.

I think the place you are looking for is Gac (with apostrophe over the c) 
which is located about 18 km SSE of Zakrzyn, on the south side of the 
Swedrnia River.  Today it is known as Gac Kaliska.

Use http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/loctown.htm and search for the 
town of Moskurnia in Poland.

Zoom in one level and you will see Gac Kaliska a short distance to the west.

At 11:49 AM 22/03/2004 -0600, Mary J Heard wrote:

>Now for my question.  Has anyone seen, or have they a map which shows the
>small village of Gaci; if so, what map?  It should be very close to Prazuchy
>which is about halfway between Kalisch and Turek.  Prazuchy is the location of
>the Lutheran Church records for that area.  In those records I find the
>records of the births, marriages and deaths of my Roll and Lucius (and etc.)
>family members with the earliest entry being 1830 and the latest 1875.  The
>villages of residence are recorded as Gaci and Zakrzyn.  Zakrzyn I can locate
>but I am not finding Gaci.  Does anyone know, has the name changed or did it
>have another name, did the village disappear, was it too small to be included
>on any map, etc., etc.
>Your help will be much appreciated.
>Mary JKH

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