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My grand father immigrated (via Bremen) to America via NY in 1901. The
immigration records indicate he is an ethnic German from Russia. He
gives his town as Jolowice. Another family record has the spelling as
Jalowice. Up until 1920 he consistently gives his origins as Russia. In
the census of 1920 however this is changed to Poland. This I assume was
due to the recreation of Poland after WWI. There is a Jalowice in
western Poland today. Its location near the current German border would
not be within the boundaries of the 1901 Russian empire instead the
German empire. The mailing list advises that the town probably is in
what is today the Ukraine Rivnenska province. They also suggest an
alternate spelling Jelowica. This town is near Kostopol and Postoyno. My
grandfather's name was Wilhelm Muller (an umlaut on the U) and was of
the Lutheran faith. He married Auguste Manzei also a German Lutheran
from Russia in January 1,1903 in Bristol, Ct. I do not have a record of
her immigration apparently in 1902, consequently no record of a town.
However she returned to Russia in 1905 to have her first child. Upon her
return to America in 1906 she gives a name of a town. The record is
difficult to read. It appears to be M???chowa the question marks may be
vowels. The child born there left a record indicating she was born in
Jalowice. On the marriage record his parents are given as father John
Muller and Mother Mary Ann Rook. Her parents are father Ferdinand Manzei
and mother is blank. Her mother's maiden name is also blank on her death
certificate.  The Manzei name has many variants I understand e.g.
Manthey, Mantei. 
                                 Mike McHenry 

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