[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Roll call - STREMLAU, Kowarziner Hutte (near Konitz), West Prussia, Lutheran

Bob Thomas rthomas333 at cox.net
Mon Mar 22 19:27:16 PST 2004

It might be "Komarziner Hutte."

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> If you are new to our mailing list or have been lurking in the background
> without posting, we would encourage you to post your names, places,
> regions, religion, and time frames of interest.
> We have almost 380 subscribers now so there is a good chance of getting a
> connection, especially with the regions of Volhynia and Russian Poland.
> Even if you don't get one immediately, keep in mind that our archives are
> included in GOOGLE searches.  Someone looking for the same name and place
> could find you a year from now.
> If you have already posted your interests on this list, you may want to
> post them again, but only IF you have since changed your email
> address.  Otherwise, all your data will still be current even if posted
> over a year ago.
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