[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Prepaid Research through the Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw

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Congratulations!  Regarding the fee, I believe they are requesting an
electronic transfer to the account number given to you.  You will have to
arrange for the transfer at your bank.  At least, that is the way payment
was requested for the last search I had done.  It is a quick way to send
money, but quite expensive.

Dick Stein

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> WOW!
> I just received a letter from the archives in Warsaw... They located my
> grandfather's birth records.  In addition, they did give me the names of
> parents.
> The are requesting a prepaid fee of $34 to start the research.  In
> they are requesting $17 to do the research.  They indicate this fee must
> "paid in your bank".  They give me a bank number, as well as an address to
> the fees to.  Finally, I have to send a copy of the letter they sent to me
> back to them.
> Has anyone else ever done this before?  Please advise as to how this
> be done.
> I am so excited.  I have been trying to locate records on my grandfather
> nearly 7 years!  Rudolf Pallas, was born in Volhynia (Mathildow /
> His parents were Carl Pallas & Caroline Pfeifer.  Amazingly so, the name
> not changed when he came to the states!
> They indicate in their letter to me they have records from Rozyszcze
> - birth & marriage (1862 - 1899) and death records (1862 - 1898).  Hope
> all of you a little light at the end of the tunnel... I was told many
years ago
> that I needed patience.  Wow, did I need a lot of it.  This all started by
> sending the archives an e-mail looking for information about 4 months ago!
> Good luck to all of you on your genealogical endeavors!
> If you know how to send the money, please e-mail me.  I can't wait to get
> started!
> Barbara
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