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Scott Kletke scottkletke at rogers.com
Wed Mar 31 11:23:22 PST 2004

I have some Draeger relatives from the area around Tuchin Volhynia. I don't
know about the Crapes, but do you know much about the Draeger's? They are a
bit of a dead end for me.
Scott Kletke

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I have a question that maybe the list could help me with.  I got a copy of
my greatgrandfathers death certificate.  On there it states that his father
is Unknown Drager, but lists the mother as WILAMINA CRAPES.

My great grandfather was definitely german, born in Russia.  My question is
about the Crapes name.  Is this a german name?  Could the spelling be wrong?
What would this be if pronounced in German?  This is the first clue that I
have found as to the parentage to Adolf Drager.

All assistance is appreciated.

Delores Stevens

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