[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] John Koenig b. Nov. 1827 in Kallish/Kalisz,Poland

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Tue Nov 2 14:42:19 PST 2004

Hi Peter,
Welcome to the SGGEE. You will find as I did that your ability to research your own genealogy will be greatly accelerated by hanging out with the "specialists" we have who know the idiosyncracies of researching Germans from Poland and Volhynia.
To satisfy your curiosity, Johann married Anna Luise Walter on Mar 3, 1862 in Kolo. No children are provided so I wonder why they did not show up or have our volunteers not done those birth records yet. Then he marries Justine Wilhelmine Farr on Mar 4, 1867 in Kolo. Again no children are listed and that could be because they took off for Volhynia. Most of the St. Petersburg entries are not in our pedigree database.
I would definitely believe the 1840 period when Johann was born as that puts him at age 20-25 when he marries first. This is the age when most people got married then. 
 You will be given all data concerning what films all this data was taken from. Be prepared because you will likely get film references showing records going back from Johann (your gg-grandfather) to as far back as some of your gggg-grandparents. Did you think you could take such a monumental leap?
To determine if some current SGGEE members are related to you in anyway you would need to submit your own pedigree. I would recommend that you take the info you get from our database first (which you can see once you become a member) plus whatever you can glean from the St. Petersburg data, incorporate all that into your own file showing how you fit in this multigenerational tree, and after your pedigree gets put into the database, you should get notified if any hits are found. I predict that some hits will be made. We are really one gigantic family here.

Peter Schmaltz <pschmaltz at earthlink.net> wrote:
Thanks to the Rose, Jerry and Karl for your replies. I'm taking Karl's
advice and am dropping my SGGEE membership application and check in the mail
this afternoon. Now I just have to wait to get my password! Too bad I can't
sign up online so I could go through the online records tonight!

The newspaper article has several fairly specific facts (besides John being
110 years old) that will make it interesting to track things down further.
Things found in the article include:

"John Koenig, his survivors read from family records today, was born Nov 25
1827 in Kallish Poland and at the age of 25 married Louise Walter. To them,
two daughters were born; one died in infancy. the other is Mrs. Caroline
Unruh of Kansas. Mr. Koenig's first wife died six years after their

"In 1859 Mr. Koenig married Gustine Fahar and in 1870 they moved to Russia.
During that period eight children, 5 sons and 3 daughters, were born. Three
of these survive - Mrs. Mathilda Schmaltz, Mrs. Florintine Pschigoda of
Oklahoma and William Koenig of Colorado.

"In 1899 Mr Koenig came to America and settled in Kansas until 1905, then
moved to Oklahoma and in 1916 came to Michigan to live with Mrs. Schmaltz
(his daughter)."

It might yet make sense that several of these dates are off by a decade when
all is said and done. If he was born in 1837 (instead of 1827), was 31 when
his first wife died and then remarried a year later in 1869 (instead of
1859), it would then make sense that he had a daughter in 1874 (my great
grandmother, Mathilda Koenig Schmaltz). Mathilda was born in 1874 in Poland
(according to her death certificate), and I've found references to other
children born in 1880 and 1885 in the SGGEE transcription of the St. Pete's
archives, but none in the 1870s. So it would make sense if they migrated to
Volhynia around 1880 instead of 1870.

Also, from Gustine Farr Koenig's death certificate I show her parents' names
were John Farr and Louise Schultz.

Let me know what date you show for Johann's first marriage to Louise Walter
as well as that to Gustine Farr, and also if Gustine's parents' names match


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