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Another opinion:

I am unfamiliar with 'traditions' of the colonists, yet after reviewing
some 260 years of my family lineage I've become sensitive to
Patterns based on family/clan.
Most family/clans are knit together with a like religious belief.
Most of the colonists were Evangelische Augsburgische and followed the
persuasion's accepted practice of god-parenting. It probably would be
fitting for me to research the practice knowing it still continues this

They may be peculiar to my family/clan yet I feel are basic to human
A family is comprised of two equal sides each time one is formed.
Both sides need to be equally scrutinized.
The man bears the surname.
The woman serves as the locus of the immediate family.
The women have more influence over choice of given names.
One need be familiar with given names on the woman's side equally.
To be familiar with the clan's names is more helpful yet.

Godparents: Similar in pattern to husband selection.
I call it the 'house wren' pattern.
A male wren secures a feeding circle, builds a nest, then sings his
heart out to attract a mate.
Females that respond do not move in over a sweet song. They examine the
feeding circle, they examine the nest, and if all is satisfactory
rebuild the nest 'their way' and set up housekeeping.
I've noted that godparent selection is based on a very close relative
(genetically speaking and of the same religious persuasion) that is
financially stable, of sound mind, and capable of caring for more
children than their own if need be.

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