[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Tischler, Stuhler, und Fenstermacher

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Thu Nov 25 11:37:25 PST 2004

German language can be concrete in expression.

In Germany today, a carpenter is a "schreiner'.
In Germany today, a furniture maker is a "tischler".

We are undoubtedly discussing yesterday and cottage industry.
Times have changed.

">Tischer, Tischler, Tischmacher, Tischner - tablemaker; joiner.<"

Fenstermacher= Window maker.
Tischler= Table maker.
Stuhler= Chair maker.

Tisch is a table.  eg. "am tisch sitzen'. . "sit at the table'.
  A "Tisch'ler" would be someone who does something with tables. e.g.
build them.

To build them one would need experience in 'joining' two pieces or more
of wood.  i.e. "Joiner",
using joints, screws, glue and nails to do so.

The main trade category would be "Carpentry"

Sub-categories of Carpentry>joinery would include those who've
specialized as; Table makers, Cabinet makers, Chair makers, Door
makers, Window makers, Stair makers. . . etc.

Carpenter>Joiner>Tablemaker or door maker or window maker or cabinet

Present day categorization of the trade "Carpenter" will vary from the
cottage industry days of yesteryear with 100 acre factories and
assembly lines using robotics to churn out what the craftsman would do
in his little shop with hand tools.

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