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  One German ditty that My Mom and Her brothers said , ( when shown how to
fix a problem by someone else )
  " two heads are better than one , even if one is a sheep head "

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> That is exactly what we want to preserve as what some of you have sent in
> already today.  I started about 3 years ago to collect "stories" of Life
> Volhynia that told of what it was like over there when our
> lived there.  This past year some requests came in for the stories out of
>  Some have already come in.  And now it is to add those short sayings and
> folk tales to the collection.  Keep it up.  They are wonderful to use by
> several ways.  Right now, some will be used in the SGGEE Journal as Bill
> Fife, editor, sees fit.  It has been my hope that eventually we might as
> organization have a booklet printed of these stories, sayings, folk tales,
etc. for
> all who would be interested in securing a copy.  That is still a future
> for now.  But hopeful.  My intent in doing this is to be able to reach
> of us who have no idea what life was about of our ancestors since many of
> never thought to ask when older family members were around, or never even
> experienced some of what they might have said or did even here in North
America.  I,
> for one, was like that. I never even heard the German language spoken as
> grandparents died when I was young, and my parents wanted to be like the
> "Americans" and speak English.  Fortunately, it was my husband's Volhynian
> that began to introduce me to some of their history while they were alive.
> all this is exciting for me to hear from you.  Short comments, short
> are just as welcome as the longer ones.
> For the record however, whatever you wish to share with SGGEE we do want
> be able to use them in whatever way is best in publishing them.  So - need
> permission to allow that to be done.  For those of you who may just
> your own book some day - go for it.  It was a labor of love when my
> and I accomplished that and published in 2001.  He now is gone.  So
thankful we
> did this for not only ourselves but the extended family members that we
> during our research and never knew before we began.
> Keep the "s" in our name of SGGEE to mean "search" and "share".  Thank
> Virginia Less
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