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John, Ed and other,

> The "dt" would be shortform for deutsch which
> means German.

Yes, this is right. It was my short written form.

> Pingoud.  I am not familar with this source (I have come across
> a reference to an Ortslist of G. Pingoud, 1909).

Gernot Pingoud was the leader of the Lutheran Consistory 
St. Petersburg in 1909. With his leadership a group of assistants
collected the Lutheran village informations and publicated it in
this year.

The complete source:
PINGOUD in: "The Lutheran parishes in Russia" book 1, 
St. Petersburg 1909, pages 188 - 229, written in German

The "Ortsliste" (list of villages) is available in our German researcher
group of the AGoFF and our members answer with this source in 
our forum (compare: www.wolhynien.de).

>> Original:
>> Es gab um 1904/1905 den Ort "Wolwachowka" im Kirchspiel Shitomir
>> Wolwachowka, dt. Eigentuemer, 370 evang. Einwohner, Bethaus, Schule mit 67
>> Schuelern, der Pastor besuchte den Ort 2x im Jahr, zu diesem Ort gehoerten die
>> Nachbarsiedlungen:
>> [Wolwachowka mit] Dobri Kunt, dt. Eigentuemer und [Wolwachowka mit]
>> Macharowka, Pachtkolonie

My free Translation:

Wolwachowka was a cantorat and school place in the parish Shitomir 
in 1904/1905. German land owners, 370 Lutheran inhabitants, 1 praying
house, school with 67 pupils, the pastor visited the place 2x in the year, 
to this place belonged the neighbour settlements:
Dobri Kunt, German land owners and Macharowka, German leaseholders


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