[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sayings and Tales

Reiner Kerp mail at reiner-kerp.de
Sat Sep 11 14:12:58 PDT 2004

> But "dumkof" was the favourite my Dad used when
> dealing with two of my brothers.

"dumkof" is Dummkopf is "stupid!"

> One phrase that my Dad used a lot and loosely translates

"to'slide off my back....?" is "rutsch mir den Buckel (he)runter!".

May grandfather tought me:
"Was ein Ha"kchen werden will, das kru"mme sich beizeiten"
Who wants to become a hook, should start bending in time.


"Mit dem Hute in der Hand kommst du durch das ganze Land"
with your hat in your hand you get everywhere in the country (being polite
paves your way).

When I asked him where is left (or right) he teased me:
Links ist da, wo der Daumen rechts ist.
left is, where the thumb is right.

My mother tought me:

"Schick dich in die Welt hinein, denn dein Kopf ist viel zu klein, dass sich
schickt die Welt hinein."
meaning roughly:
arrange yourself with the world because the world will not make arrangements
with you.


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