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Thu Sep 23 07:43:23 PDT 2004

There is a place in modern Poland called Puhlau but it is in the far south 
near the Czech border and was never part of Russia.

There are some sounds alike matches in Lithuania which was under Russian 
rule but nothing that could be pointed specifically to as equivalent.

Poh... is not a letter combination one finds in Poland.  There are several 
Polon, Polan, Polany matches but again nothing definitive to point to.

At 03:55 PM 22/09/2004, Michael & Maureen McHenry wrote:
>I obtained a coy of My grandfathers petition for naturalization. He
>declares he was born in Pohlau or Pohlan, Russia. His immigration
>documents say Tolowice probably really Tulowice. Does anyone know of a
>Pohlau or Pohlan, Russia. Hopefully this is not a clerk interpreting a
>German speaker saying Poland.
>                                  Mike

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