[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Stories of Trip to America

Bill Fife wmfife at telus.net
Wed Sep 22 18:55:02 PDT 2004

We have all heard stories of our German ancestors traveling to America (North
America), the reasons for leaving, the conditions of the trip over, the
hardships of the trip, and the arrival in America.

I am the editor of the SGGEE Journal and would like to include some of these
stories in a future issue of the Journal.  I am looking for stories that
relate to preparing for the trip, the journey to the ship that carried them
over, the boat trip, or the experiences on arrival.  Have your ancestor
written about their experiences in coming to America or do you have any
stories about the same that you can share?

There has been an excellent response to the request by someone for German
sayings.  Perhaps we can share some of the stories of the trip to this new

Bill Fife,

SGGEE Journal Editor

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