[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Born in Berlin, Germany

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Sat Apr 16 13:06:55 PDT 2005

A friend, in hope that the SGGEE members can help  locating information 
regarding her Grandmother sent the following information to  me:  
““My Grandmother on my Dad's side was born Marie  Frieda Gertrude Reinmuth 
born in Berlin Germany June 5th 1879 married Edgar  Lockwood, passed away July 
4th, 1951 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada 
My  father told me, that the Reinmuth name was changed to Hill during war 
times. I  know grandmother had relatives in Nova Scotia with the last name 
Wright. ( I  believe it was a sister) 
I have an old map book of the southern alpine by  Karl Baedeker with her 
father's signature and it looks like it is signed 
Ph.  W. Reinmuth 
Graz, Lanefgaffn 28 (spelling may not be correct handwriting is  pen & ink)””

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