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Ancestry.com has added this database. Below is their description. I have a
subscription and will do lookups.

A province of the Prussian Empire, Brandenburg stretched from the Elbe River
to beyond the Oder River and into modern Poland in the 1800s. This database,
newly updated, is a collection of government records regarding persons
emigrating from the province in the 19th century. Each record provides the
emigrant's name, age, occupation, residence, destination, and year of
emigration. Part of an ongoing project, the database now contains the names
of more than 36,800 persons. The records were taken from microfiche copies
of records kept at the main archive in Potsdam (Brandenburgisches
Landeshauptarchiv Potsdam). Copies are held by the Family History Library in
Salt Lake City. For researchers of German ancestors, this can be a helpful
source of information.

Extended Description:

Beginning in 1810, the main archive in Potsdam (Brandenburgisches
Landeshauptarchiv Postdam) kept records of people who requested permission
to leave the county. Most emigrants went to North America (Nord-Amerika),
but a few also went to Australia, the Netherlands, Austria, and Russia. Only
those who received permission to leave were listed. 

The province of Brandenburg included 44 Kreise (counties). The first part of
this database project will include emigrants from the following Kreise:
Arnswalde, Calau, Franfurt a./O, Friedeberg i./Neum., Stadtkreis Guben,
Landkreis Guben, Koenigsberg, Landkreis Landsberg, Lebus, Lichtenberg,
Luckau Sorau, Spremberg, Sternberg, and Zuillichau or Schwiebus.

Source Information:
Wolfert, Marion, comp. Brandenburg, Prussia Emigration Records. [database
online] Provo, UT: Ancestry.com, 2001. Original data: Auswanderungskartei
(emigration cards) located at Brandenburgishes Landeshauptarchiv in Potsdam,
Germany or Family History Library microfiche #6109219 (22 total rolls).


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