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There is a Janow a few kilometres east of Minsk Mazowieckie, which in turn
is only about 25 kilometres east of Warsaw. So there is a possible starting

It would help if you could identify the sources used for the information
given in your email. Some sources are better than others.

Dave Obee

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> My father's family is from Neudorf kr. Lutsk (Nowo. Rakowszczyna) in
> Volhynia.  They were there from 1870 to beginning of 1940 , over 70  years
> with the exception of the years during WW1, when they removed to East
> Prussia.  Most of my relatives were born and raised within a few km. of
> village.  I am trying to trace my ancestors back to Mittelpolen,
specifically the
> Warsaw district, where my grandfather was born.  His name  was August Renz
> (Rentz) and he was born 1864 in Janow/ Warschau.   His parents were
> Ren(t)z and Josephine Werner.  Gottlieb was  born around 1839, somewhere
in the
> Warsaw district, I think.  Gottlieb's  next child was Wilhelmine , born
> 1867 in Neudorf/Warschau.   This is a bit confusing to me--where exactly
> Janow/Warschau and  Neudorf/Warschau and are they in the vicinity of Minsk
> another  name that  has been mentioned)?  I know there were alot of
Neudorfs in
> Volhynia and  Poland.  It just means "New Village" and probably whenever
> pulled up  stakes and settled down in a new place, it gave rise to a
> There was also another Kol, Janow near Beresk in western Volynia  It is
just a
> few km. west of Marynkow/Beresk, where August's wife ,my grandmother
> Riedner was born, so I thought that it was reasonable to assume August
> born in that Janow.  But The Rozyszcze Parish records from that time  show
> birth records, but not his. And the documentation I do have for  August's
> birth show it to be in Janow/Warschau.  What's even more confusing  is
> August's first wife, Karoline Gatzke, was born in Janow/Plock @  1865.
What I would
> like to do is find out where my great-grandfather,  Gottlieb Ren(t)z   and
> his wife, Josephine Werner, my  great-grandmother were born.  Also, is
there any
> way to access Parish  records from around 1864 in and around Janow/
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