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The Blumental that's about 15 km west of Pulin is now known as Tsvetianka.
It's a straight translation of German into Russian. Means Flowery Valley or
some such thing. I've been there twice, and didn't see many flowers, and
calling it a valley is a bit of a stretch. Details, details.

This was the Blumental that Hertha Karasek-Strzygowski visited. I asked some
of the older residents in the village, and found a couple who remembered
her. Beyond that, the names in her book clearly refer to people from
Blumental (which was home to some of my Tiedes, Klingsporns, Freitags, and
the like).

I have never seen any reference to it as Dermanka.

Who wrote the words that appeared in the Journal? Maybe they could clarify

Dave Obee

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> This is a rather interesting puzzle as there appears to be some
> conflict in evidence, depending on how one defines the term "near".
> I assume first of all that we are referring to the Dermanka on the
> road between Nowograd Wolhynsk and Schepetowka.  In the page 22
> reference, near would mean about 36 km.
> If we look at the page 41 reference, near to Slawuta would mean 32 km
> (straight line), but 44 km by road.  To Ssaslaw (Isjasslawl) perhaps
> about the same distance by road.
> Then we also have 2 Dermanka.  One is just to the west side of the
> main highway and a second is about 2 km north of there (west of
> Wladimirowka and south of Rylowka).
> I assume that this is the same Dermanka that all the references point
> to???  If this can be confirmed, I will add Blumental as an alternate
> name for that location.  And, is it possible that Blumental was the
> smaller village to the north?
> And finally, I have at least one source that gives Marianka as an
> alternate name for this Dermanka.  Can anyone confirm that?
> At 01:46 AM 09/07/2005, Dr. Frank Stewner wrote:
> >I am unsecure about the location of Blumental.
> >
> >I searched the SGGEE Journals and found the following:
> >
> >200396 Journal page 22
> >Our father Eduard Henke was born August 18, 1855, in Blumental,
> >later Russianized to Dermanka, near Nowograd-Wolynsk, the parish of
> >
> >200309 Journal page 18
> >Reinhard Henke was born July 1, 1879 in Blumenthal, later known as
> >Dermanka. (It is the Blumental that Hertha Karasek-Strzygowski
> >visited and in her wonderful, "Volhynian diary" (by Elwert, Marburg)
> >told of the area and illustrated with her pictures.)
> >
> >200403 Journal page 41
> >Colonie Blumenthal Ssaslaw 103 112 13 / 8
> >(This Blumental lays near Slawuta, thus in the south near Dermanka)
> >
> >  200505 Journal page 36
> >Albert and Adolfine's first child was born in 1909 in the village of
> >Blumental.
> >(From the surrounding sentences: Blumental lays in the Dermanka - Region)
> >
> >But in the Map and Index of Jerrry Frank this Blumental is not
> >mentioned. Also not in the map of Dr.K.Stumpp "Karte der deutschen
> >Siedlungen in ukrainisch Wolhynien". In that map one can find
> >Blumental west of Pulin.
> >
> >As the first two findings in the SGGEE-Journals relates to persons
> >in my family file, I am  interested in comments.
> >
> >Frank Stewner
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
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