Michael & Maureen McHenry maurmike at bellatlantic.net
Sat Jul 30 13:31:50 PDT 2005

Richard Benert and Henry Brodersen were both kind enough to do translations.
Below is the pertinent excerpt. Note that the last paragraph says the
entries would be Polish. How could this be? Is she mistaken? Marianne Manzei
appears in the confirmation records-1904.

In the baptismal book of the Evangelical-Augsburg Church of Lipno that lies 
before us, we have found the 1883 baptismal entry for Auguste Manzei.
Father:  Ferdinand Manzei
Mother: Rosalie, born Briese

In the year 1886 is found an entry for Emil Manzei.
Father: Ferdinand Manzei
Mother:  Eva, born Pankratz

In the year 1889 there is an entry for Marianne Manzei.
Father: Ferdinand Manzei
Mother:  Ludowika, born Krueger

Upon request (and a charge would apply) we would send you a copy of these 
entries. However, they would be in the Polish language and our office does 
not accept requests for translations.

With friendly greetings,
Christine Hinz


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