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Mon Jun 13 09:02:55 PDT 2005

Dear SGGEE Members - I am glad to hear the positive responses to this special 
issue of the SGGEE Journal.  It was a labor of love for sure on my part.  
When my late husband and I began to do research on his parents' Volhynian 
background (they were deceased by then) we had to rely on finding distant relatives 
which we surprisingly did and obtain their stories.  It certainly helped to put 
together a family book with wonderful personal information because of their 
stories.  It occured to me when I was on the SGGEE Board that as a genealogical 
society SGGEE we needed to have similar stories from its membership to add to 
the historical collections that we were adding to the SGGEE Library.  It took 
several years to obtain what you now see.  Seems so many of you had said you 
did not have stories from your family members.  So that is why what we 
received are so important to you now. 

We need to continue this project.  This is why we at SGGEE are asking for new 
stories to be submitted.  If we don't have them soon most of our relatives 
who once lived over there will be gone.  And I know those of you who have done 
your research may already have some interesting stories in your personal files. 
  So those who have similar "stories", even short incidents that perhaps your 
grandparent may have talked about, would be appreciated.  And pictures as 
well are most welcome.
So, please, don't hesitate to write something down.  And share it with SGGEE.

I have been asked if we wanted stories from Russia Poland.  I think that 
would be wonderful since so many of us have that connection as well.  Come to the 
convention in August, bring a story with you to add to either the collectiion 
of Life in Volhynia stories or Life in Russia Poland.   Or if you wish, send 
it on to the SGGEE editor.
Or to me at GVLESS at aol.com.  I hope to continue with the initial collecting 
process and will make sure another edition will come to pass.  I must thank our 
Journal Editor, Bill Fife, for completing this first project by publishing it 
as a Journal issue.  

Virginia Less

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