[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Klatt, Dalke, Krieg, Holske, Kepp - Help!

WHartmann whartmann at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 14 19:09:12 PDT 2005

I am interested in the genealogy aspect of this particular site. When I signed on to your website, I was not able to indicate anything on "Which topic categories would you like to subscribe to?  "No TOPIC DEFINED" was not giving me any choices.  How do you access the  Ger-Poland-Volhynia Archives?

Would you please help me to post the following:

Does anyone know when the first settlers arrived in Sorotschin, and who they were?  What was the population of Sorotschin around 1926?

My great-grandparents or grandparents on my mother's side emigrated somewhere from Poland or Germany to the Ukraine.  Peter Klatt was my grandfather who lived in Sorotschin.  His year of birth was around 1841.  He died in 1926.  I would like to know where they came from, how many family members settled in Volhynia (possibly in the Zhytomyr area) and their names. 

Peter Klatt's wife was Emilie nee Dalke.  Year of birth around 1861, year of death 1924.  Her parents names Michael and Alwine Dalke, nee Drachenberg.  Does anyone know where they came from and who the other family members were?

My great-grandfather on my fathers side, August Krieg, came from East Prussia.  Don't know his wife's name, but her maiden name might have been Holske.  What I have been told, August Krieg and a daughter left the Ukraine for the United States.  Does anyone have information on them. 

My grandfather, Rudolf Krieg was married to Susanne Kepp.  Does anyone have knowledge of the Kepp family?

Info on any family member would be very much appreciated.

Wilma Hartmann

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