[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] couple BLOCH oo LANGE

Reiner Kerp mail at reiner-kerp.de
Sat Jun 18 05:28:40 PDT 2005

Dear fellow searchers,
who has access to the original record of a marriage I found in the 

I 330006: BLOCH, Christoph, b.(of?) abt. 1781 Gros Rotzke
oo Dec 15, 1802, Lubczyn (Wladyslawow Parish)
I 331391:LANGE, Anna Dorothea, b.(of?) abt. 1782 Skulsch.

I´m very interested in further information which is possibly given in 
this record (parents- alive or not, whitnesses - their age, and so on).

Taking Gros Rotzke as Rudsk Wielki - and Skulsch as Skulsk in german 
pronounciation, it would be very probable that this couple is the one 
I´m searching for:

I 200146: BLOCH, Christoph,
oo bef 1804
I 200873: LANGE Dorothea,

To this couple my wifes roots link to.
Another question to me is the identity of Lubczyn. Could Lubsin be 

Best regards,

Reiner (Kerp)

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