[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] FEIFERT, P(?)FEIFERT, P(?)FEIFER

Ohgrmtns at aol.com Ohgrmtns at aol.com
Sat Mar 19 20:08:01 PST 2005

I have been searching for family in Volhynia for some time now and have  come 
across various spelling entries that could be counted as being part  of  the 
family name, FEIFERT. Variations include PFEIFERT and PFEIFER. I  can verify 
the a couple entries are of this family, however, I do not know how  to go 
about verifying any more. I know little about my g-father's family and  even less 
about my g-gmother's or g-gfather's (just their names!). Where can I  go from 
here to gain more information? 
Kristen FEIFERT Clark

Searching: Nedbajewka, Rohrbach(Berjozowka),  Gruental

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