[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re Lublin

Robert Norenberg robertnorenberg at yahoo.ca
Mon Oct 3 13:05:00 PDT 2005

 Yes Karl
   My g.g.grandfather Gottfried Noerenberg left the
Gabin area about 1863 and went to the Chelm area.Would
this be considered the Lublin area? He was living in
the village of Bielin( I don't have the exact spelling
in front of me). It is near the Bug River.I don't
think they remained here very long.His son August
lived in the village of Barbarow which is near
Elisabetpol in the Vladimar Wohlynski area. I also
wanted to mention that Mariendorf seems to have
various spellings.Swojczowka,Swosczowka and
Swiczowskaja.I have found different spellings on
different maps.My Oswald family resided here.  Robert


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