[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Roman Catholic Parish - descipher Polish word on 1843 Marriage Record

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There is a place called BRZEZINSKIE HOLENDRY. It's about 100KM SW of Plock
and about 70KM west of Kutno between Kolo and Konin. That I found with
Encarta. It's also in the SGGEE village index and on older maps. 


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The ger-poland-volhynia global list has helped me in the past with regards
to this. I have recently located an 1843 Marriage document, taken place in
Plock, of my gggrandparents, (which now includes proof of the names of my
ggggrandparents). So a-mazing! But during the descipering, my good friend,
who is transcibing this document for me from Polish to English, has had
trouble with one placename. This happens to be a document from the
Evangelical Plock Parish Archives, and it lists a Roman Catholic Parish of
the groom (my gggrandfather), but is practically illegible. I have a scan of
this if anyone wants to help me? The current transcripition is
"Bremlen(sko)?" I think I see something like "Beozlinskiej" or
"Bzeozlinskiej". Is anyone aware of a Roman Catholic Parish within the
vicinity of Plock with a similar name?

Many thanks,

Gilda J. Patterson
Calgary, AB

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