[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Schmidt of Rozyszcze Parish

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 8 06:43:08 PDT 2005

Further to Marlene's response on this question:

1. If you have the marriage from film 2380026, you should be able to 
see the birth places and dates of the bride and groom as well as the 
names of their parents.

2.  In the St. Pete series, the birth is recorded together with the 
baptism record which appears to have occurred in 1880 or 
later.  Since the church records are really baptism records, not 
birth records, you will need to check through the subsequent years to 
see if you can find it there.

3.  The other possibility is that they moved to another parish where 
the baptism is picked up by the St. Pete series but not by the local 
Rozszcze records.

4.  Have you looked for the births of other children?  It seems odd 
that only one is recorded.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

At 07:56 PM 06/09/2005, Marlene Dopp wrote:
>Thank you for your quick response regarding Ferdinand's birth 
>record.  It was family knowledge for one thing ( he was my 
>grandfather) and on his petition for naturalization it gave his 
>birth date  as 31 May 1879 and place as Russia.  I searched through 
>Rozszcze Parish records for birth/baptismal records around that time 
>to no avail.  But just last week I found their passenger listing 
>online as the Castle Garden index was posted and Ferdinand was 
>listed as being 7 years old in  June1890, so there is a discrepancy. 
>His death records from St Peters Lutheran Church in Reedsburg, Sauk 
>County, Wisconsin listed his birth as 31 May 1879.  I can't be sure 
>if there was a change of religion between Gottlieb's marraige and 
>emigration, but they joined the Lutheran church in Reedsburg on 
>arrival.  Thanks again for you efforts.
>Marlene Dopp
>>At 03:32 PM 06/09/2005, Marlene Dopp wrote:
>>>I have a marriage record of Gottlieg Schmidt and Christina Gering 
>>>(dau of Jacob and Friedericke ?), 18 Apr. 1872 (FHL film 2380026) 
>>>from Rozyszcze Parish.  They had a son John Ferdinand born 31 May 
>>>1879 born somewhere in Volhynia, but doesn't seem to be the same 
>>>parish.  Does anyone have any suggestions where I might look 
>>>next?  I can only assume they moved on. That family left Volhynia 
>>>to emigrate to Sauk County Wisconsisn in 1890.
>>>Marlene K Dopp
>>Can you tell us a bit about your search process.  Using the St. 
>>Pete files, I found the marriage but I don't see them having any 
>>children, at least not as baptized in the Lutheran Church.  What is 
>>the source of your birth info?  How do you know it is not in the 
>>same parish?  Could the family have converted to Baptist or perhaps 
>>Moravian Bretheren?
>>Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
>>FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

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