[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Expropriation lists WAS Schmidt of Rozyszcze Parish

Dave Obee daveobee at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 8 20:32:16 PDT 2005

> David:
> I hope your tongue is in your cheek.
> Nelson

Yeah, but apparently some of our group don't have a sense of humour. C'est
la vie.

Seeing your name reminded me that I made another Ittermann discovery in the
Zhitomir archives when I was there in June. And I am sending this to the
entire list because everyone with an interest in that area should be aware.

We have probably all used the expropriation lists, drawn from the 2 June
1916 edition of the Wolhynien Gubernia newspaper. The 2 June edition had a
list that was a compilation of dozens of lists that had been published in
the paper over the previous six months or so. The catch is that there are
variations between the 2 June list and the earlier ones -- in some cases,
these changes were substantial.

For example: The list for Neudorf published on 19 March 1916 shows a Peter
Christian Ittermann. He is not on the 2 June list.

For example: The Neudorf list for 19 March shows Wilhelm August Schindler;
the 2 June list has Wilhelm August Schlender. A tricky difference,
especially because both surnames were found in the village. And especially
interesting to me, because if it's really Schindler, well, that's my

In other cases, patrynomic names appear in one list, but not the other. And
some people appear on one list, but not the other. It appears the lists were
retyped for the 2 June issue, and not necessarily from the earlier paper --
I think they went back to the original source documents.

I copied the earlier lists for four villages -- Neudorf, Solodyri,
Iwanowitsch and Florowka. In those villages, I would estimate the variance
between the two lists at about 25 per cent. In some cases, it is impossible
to say which entry is correct.

In other words, the 2 June list should not be considered to be a definitive
work. It is a resource, but hardly the ultimate guide to the names of those
whose property was expropriated.

And on the topic, the 16 June issue had a list for the Lutzk area, which
accounted for only a few entries in the 2 June list. The 16 June list had
601 names, but unfortunately, some of the document is missing; the surname
entries only go to the letter L.

Dave Obee

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