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Have you looked at the newly-released Rozyszcze Lutheran Parish microfilms?
They cover most of the time period of the St. Petersburg Archive films and
beyond to about 1900.  Go to the SGGEE website www.sggee.org to view
the list of new films (select Parish and Archive Records, then Lutheran
Church Records, Volhynia - the new films are listed in red).  The records
in these new films come from the Lutheran church books from western
Volhynia, the area of Volhynia which became part of Poland after WW I.  The
church books are held in the AGAD archive in Warsaw.  The baptism and death
records contain about the same information as the St. Petersburg Archive
records, but the marriage records are much more complete than the St.
Petersburg marriage records.  They usually give the ages, places of birth,
and parents' names of the bride and groom.  The marriage record of Traugott
Quast/Kwast and Julianna Ferster should be there if they resided in
Rozyszcze Parish.

Dick Stein

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> My greatgrandfather, Traugott Quast (or Kwast) married Julianna Ferster
(or Forster) October 16, 1881 at Rosyszcze
> A son, Adolf was born August 12, and died August 15, 1882 at Mariandolf.
Another son, Gustav was born Dec 18, 1885.
> He must also have died because his name is not on the ship's log when they
came to Canada in 1890. I'm hoping to find information about Traugott, his
background family and when Gustav died and where.
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