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The name George Maser may not mean much to recent arrivals to Volhynian
research, so I'd like to add a couple of thoughts. George was absolutely
dedicated to our pursuit. In the early 1990s, when we first gained access to
the Ukrainian archives and villages, he was one of the pioneers in getting
people in, and getting information out. He was instrumental in setting the
stage for much of what we have accomplished in the past decade. He and I
touched based by telephone several times over the years, and he always kept
a watch for possible connections for my family, until Alzheimer's took its
terrible toll.

I was in Portland for the GRHS conference this weekend, and had a good visit
with Don Miller, another Volhynian pioneer researcher who continues to lead
genealogical tours to Zhitomir and area. As Don and I talked, George's name
came up. Ironically, we speculated that possibly he had died, and we just
hadn't heard about it yet. That speculation turned out to be true, sadly

We are all in George's debt, thanks to the work he did in helping to raise
awareness of Volhynia and Volhynians.

Dave Obee

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> George Maser passed away June 30, in  the full care home in which he
> had been residing now for about a couple of years, due complications
> from the onset of Alzheimer's disease.  A memorial service is to be
> held on 2 PM, July 23, at the Avondale Bible Church, 17010 Avondale
> Road NE, Woodinville, Wa.
> George was a Volhynian descendant, an avid genealogist and a selfless
> supporter of SGGEE from the day of its inception.   He partnered with
> Howard Krushel to lead several genealogy tours of Volhynia in which
> the travellers thoroughly enjoyed their adventures.  His collection
> of slides, maps, and other materials has been donated to the SGGEE
> A full obituary will be published later in the Journal.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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