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Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Sat May 6 15:07:44 PDT 2006

The following Message was received at SGGEE.   If any one can help Timur, 
please reply to him Directly at tm at pochta.ru

Rose Ingram

From: "Timur Maisak" <tm at pochta.ru>

> Dear Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe,
> I am trying to find information about the Raths family who had settled in
> Southern Ukraine (Russian Empire) in 19th c. and probably left it in 
> 1940s.
> The data I have is from Odessa Digital Library
> (http://odessa3.org/collections/war/ewz/link/ewzmsc44.txt ).
> Maissak, Alexander      1875 Bogdanowka
> Maissak, Melanie         1887 Bogdanowka  geb. Martschenko
> Rath, Anna               26 Feb 1916 Bogdanowka  geb. Maissak
> Rath, Artur               25 Sep 1913 Weinau
> Rath, Artur               27 Aug 1942 Weinau
> Rath, Ella                26 Apr 1940 Weinau
> The place they lived was German Colonist District on the river Molotschna
> (Molochnaya) in the Melitopol region. Now it is Zaporozhye region of
> Ukraine.
> I suppose that the relations between people listed in this source is as
> follows:
> Anna Rath (nee Maissak) was born in the village of Bogdanowka (26 Feb 
> 1916).
> Her parents, Alexander and Melanie Maissak, were Ukranians. Anna's husband
> is possibly Artur Rath (25 Sep 1913) from a close village Weinau. It is
> probable that their children are: Ella Rath (26 Apr 1940) and Artur Rath 
> (27
> Aug 1942), also born in Weinau.
> As my ancestors (Maisak) also come from Bogdanowka, I am very interested 
> in
> getting in contact with Artur and Ella Rath (whose mother was Maisak) or
> their children. However, I do not know anything about their place of 
> living
> after 1940s, even whether it is US or Germany of any other country.
> Could you please give me some advice about it, as, I believe, your Society
> has much experience if connecting people from different countries.
> Thank you in advance,
> Timur Maisak
> Moscow, Russia

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