[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Location of Villages - Kornin Zytin Pietnatego

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Wed May 31 06:06:12 PDT 2006

At 10:17 PM 30/05/2006, Leo Sonnenberg wrote:

>I am trying to locate these villages but my map searches have not
>been successful.  I want to know--
>              1/ Are the names spelled correctly.
>               2/ Where are they located.
>              3/ Are Kornin and Zytin different names for the same
>On my paternal Uncle's EWZ document he indicates that his father(my
>grandfather) died in Kornin.  My paternal Grandmother on her EWZ
>document indicates that her husband died in Zytin.  I surmise from
>the two EWZ documents that my Grandmother was living with my Uncle in
>Kornin  where he worked. Both my parents, aunts and uncles were born
>in Kurasch/Gruntal area near the old Polish/Russian border.
>On my mother's Canadian Marriage Certificate (second marriage) she
>indicates she was born in Pietnatego, Poland?
>Leo Sonnenberg

What is the time frame of these deaths?  Guenther has given some good 
suggestions but, if these places are associated with the resettlement 
westward of Germans, their location may not apply.  For example, 
there is a Karnin about 5 km SE of Gorzow Wlkp. in western 
Poland.  There is no Zytin or equivalent nearby so I may be out to 
lunch but knowing the time frame might help figure it out.

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