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Today's Topics:

   1. Szymanska, Michniaka, Dabitz,	Stach and more from Kalisch
      (Jerry Frank)
   2. Cilke and variations (Wilbert and Marilyn Roth)
   3. New Records Discovery (Jerry Frank)
   4. New genealogical society for Brandenburg (Gerhard Koenig)


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 15:39:22 -0600
From: Jerry Frank <FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca>
Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Szymanska, Michniaka, Dabitz,	Stach and
	more from Kalisch
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The following email was received from Frank Grenz in Germany who is not a
subscriber to this list.  If you can help, please respond to him directly
at:  Frank.Grenz at t-online.de 


>From Frank Grenz via Edelgard Strobel who provided the basic translation:

Seit einigen Jahren betreibe ich als Hobby die Suche nach meinen Vorfahren
und den Vorfahren von meiner Frau.  Ich bin 38 Jahre alt und wohne in
Bayern. Unsere Vorfahren stammen aus der Niederlande (bzw. Schweiz), dem
Sudetenland, aus Ostpreu??en und aus Posen.

(Since a couple of years Frank Grenz is searching for his ancestors and the
ancestors of his wife. He is 38 years old and lives in Bavaria. Their
ancestor are from the Netherlands,( resp. Switzerland), Sudetenland, East
Prussia and from Poznan)

[Note from Jerry Frank - And apparently also Russian Poland with reference
to Kalisch and Lodz below.]

Leider habe ich noch nicht viele Informationen.  Die mir vorliegenden
Informationen ??ber meine Ur-Gro??mutter Marianna habe ich aus pers??nlichen
Dokumenten meiner Gro??mutter herausgefiltert:

(Unfortunately he doesn't yet have much informations. He has filtered out
some infos on his g-grandmother Marianna out of personal documents of his

1. Marianna SZYMANSKA wurde am 1. September 1886 in Wartengau (Warthegau)
(Oles(n)iec Kreis Kalisch) geboren.(was born) Sie starb (she died) am 22.
April 1966 in Gifhorn-Triangel. Sie wurde am 27. April 1966 in Gifhorn

Geboren  in (born in) Oles(n)iec, Republik Polen Wojewodschaft Lodsch,
Starrestei Kalisch Pfarramt (parish) Chocz.

2. Wojciech (Adalbert) SZYMANSKA .Wojciech heiratete (married) Rosalie
MICHNIAKA.  Schreibweise  auch (also spelled) Schemanska

Hat jemand die Namen SZYMANSKA oder MICHNIAKA? oder kann mir irgenwie anders

(Does anybody have the names Szymanska or Michniaka or can give me any other

Mit gro??er Spannung warte ich auf Ihre Nachricht.

(With great expectation I'm waiting for your message.)

Besten Dank f??r Ihre Bem??hungen.

(Best thanks for your troubles)

Frank (Grenz)

und noch eine weitere Mail mit der Bitte um Weiterleitung:

(and from a second email)

wer kann weitere Hinweise zu meinen Vorfahren geben?

(who can give further indications on my ancestors?)

1. August Dabitz wurde  am 22. Dezember 1872 in Wolnica geboren (was born).
Er starb (he died) am 12. Oktober 1948 in Gro?? Moor.

evangelisch-Augsburgischen Kirchengemeinde Schreibweisen (spelling
variations) Dabitz: Dabic = Polen, Dobirc

August heiratete (married) Mariannne Przygoda am 21. Januar 1896;  Mariannne
wurde am 25. Januar 1878 in Wolnica geboren (was born).

2. Friedrich August Dabitz wurde am 23. November 1832 in Proznchy (oder in
Malanow?), Krs. Kalisch geboren (was born).

Er starb (he died) am 3. August 1892 in Wolnica. Er heiratete (he married)
Anna Dorothea Zerbe am 3. M??rz 1859 in Stawischin-Malanow-Stavenhagen.

3. Anna Dorothea Zerbe wurde am 16. M??rz 1840 in Stawischin, Krs. Kalisch
geboren (was born). Sie starb (she died) am 25. Juni 1906 in Wolnica.
Eltern (parents): Georg Zerbe und Anna Dorotha Hermann aus Radzany, Krs.
Kalisch oder (or) Eltern (parents): Georg Zerbe und Kristinne Werner????

4. Johann Friedrich Dabitz wurde am 7. Januar 1808 in Poroze geboren (was
born). Er heiratete (married) Johanna Frederike Richter am 31.01.1830 in

5. Johanna Frederike Richter wurde 1807 geboren (was born).

8. Gotlib Dabitz wurde 1782 geboren. Er heiratete Rosiene Dorothe Stach.)

9. Rosine Dorothe Stach  (Anna Rosalie/Rosalie Dorothe STECH/STEICH)

Verschiedene  Schreibweisen des Namens Dabitz:  Dobic     Dobirc    Dabitz
(different spellings of the surname)


Jerry Frank


Message: 2
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 10:31:33 -0500
From: "Wilbert and Marilyn Roth" <wimaroth at peoplepc.com>
Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Cilke and variations
To: <ger-poland-volhynia at eclipse.sggee.org>, "Leslie"
	<ladez41 at comcast.net>,	"LMPauling" <lmpauling at utech.net>, "ehaas3"
	<ehaas3 at cox.net>
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I find nothing in my South Dakota records for Schielke.  I do find these.

Mitchell Area Genealogical Society's Davison Co. Cemetery Index, 1980,
Graceland Cemetery, Mitchell,  

Alfred F. (1911 - bu. 19 Je. 1962), interment #7644, same stone with Edith
FOOTE.  Lot owner Fred ZEHLKE
Fred (1873 - 10 Jan. 1970), aged 96,   #8808; with wf. Nellie (1883 - bu. 25
Feb. 1960) #7300
Gertrude (27 Apr. 1877 - 30 Mar. 1959) #7174; with h. William (27 Je. 1867,
Germany - 15 Apr. 1937, Hanson Co., SD) #4281, s/o John ZEHLKE & Mary
Henry (1861 - bu. 26 Feb. 1947) #5238, s/o John (ca. 1829- 9 July 1902, aged
73-6-_, bu. Delmar Junction, IA, per Daily Republic obit., 10 July 1902)
William Chris. (22 Apr. 1898 - 27 Sep. 1972) #9233, lot owner sister Anna M.

Atlas, 1901, Davison County:  John ZEHLKE, Perry Twp. {104 - 60} in Section

In Hanson Co., SD, just east of Davison County, 
ZEHLKE, William & Gertrude HEND(E)RICKSON had (per SD Births, online)
Elizabeth Ann, b. 22 July 1900; Anna Mae, 9 May 1902; Kathryn, 21 Je. 1904;
& Barney, 19 Feb. 1906.  

SD Births, Marshall County, (northeastern part of the state) Fredenand W.
ZUEHLKE & Emelie TAUK / Amelia TANK, had Elsie Erna, 16 Apr. 1886; Wanda
Anna, 24 Sep. 1887; Martha Amelea, 24 Feb. 1889; & Rudolph F., 10 Dec. 1890.

In Hand County, SD Births, SELKE, Albert, 11 Je. 1906, s/o Bernhard SELKE &
Clara ORFMAN.  
Hand County, Twp. 112 - 68 [Miller], Sec. 2 NE, 1940, Clarence SELKE; later
of Twp. 112 - 67 [St. Lawrence Twp.] Section 34NW.  
St. Lawrence School student list has student Connie SELKE, grade 6 in 1953.

In Graceland Cemetery, Madison, Lake County, SD
ZIELKE, Ludwig (187 - 19 Sep. 1950) & Lydia (1876 - 2 Feb. 1959)
ZUEHLKE, Anna [FRITZ] (1827 - 1904)
Anton (1858 - 1935)
Henry (1861 - 1932)
Joseph (1862 - 1920).

Most land in eastern South Dakota was patented in the 1880's.  I don't see
any patents in eastern South Dakota under any spelling.  Meade County
(around Sturgis, western South Dakota) lists Gertrude ZEHLKE, teacher in
District 92, no date.   In 1915 and later, in southwestern South Dakota,
Fall River Co., there were patents for Fred, Robert, and Stella ZUEHLKE.  

Does anyone have connections to any of the above?

Marilyn Roth,  Mitchell, SD

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From: "ehaas3" <ehaas3 at cox.net>> There is a Schielke in the Dakota's. . .
don't know them, but have met them 
> at GRHS conventions.  Eleanor Haas
> From: "LMPauling" <lmpauling at utech.net>
> To: "Leslie" <ladez41 at comcast.net>;
<ger-poland-volhynia at eclipse.sggee.org>
Schielkes came from villages near Plock and settled in CT, the
>> Pittsburgh, PA area, and St.Paul, MN.
>> Linda Pauling
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>> From: "Leslie" <ladez41 at comcast.net>


Message: 3
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 07:10:16 -0600
From: Jerry Frank <FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca>
Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] New Records Discovery
To: ger-poland-volhynia at eclipse.sggee.org
	< at wheresmymailserver.com>
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                 Bug Hollender settlement at Neudorf / Neubrow

May include the Gluscha settlements area of Volhynia and parts of 
Lublin Parish in Russian Poland


The Bug Hollenders settled on the east side of the Bug River.  This 
was one of the earliest known German settlements in the region where 
SGGEE focuses its research, having occurred in the 1600s when the 
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was still in existence.  It was in 
Volhynia because it was on the east side of the Bug but was served 
from the larger town of Wlodawa on the west side.

In later years, most of Russian Poland and Volhynia was served by the 
Ewangelische Augsburgische Kirche (Evangelical Augsburg - Lutheran 
Church) from Consistory offices in Warsaw and St. Petersburg.  The 
Bug Hollender however were served by the Ewangelische Reformierte 
Kirche (Evangelical Reformed Church) with headquarters in Kurland.

We have known for some time about some Confirmation records of the 
Reformed Church covering the years 1884-1932 in the Russian language.

Film #1924220 Item 3

Additional records were recently reported on the German language 
Wolynien Forum, also all in Russian:

1894 b/m/d   -    #2102135 Item 11
1897-1898, 1900-1901, 1904, 1907-1908 b/m/d   -   #2102135 Items 13 - 18
1911, 1913-1914 b/m/d   -   #1794307 Item 1
1913 b/m/d   -   #1794307 Item 2

With some other clues from this posting, we discovered that the 
following items were microfilmed in 2003 and made available last 
year, all in the German language:

1790-1891 variety of b/m/d, confirmations, and Familienbuecher 
(family books)   -   #2380039, 2380040, 2380041 and #904880, 904881, 904882

For a detailed breakdown of the above, go to 
http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp and do 
a Place search for Moscice.

We have not investigated these films yet in detail but we have every 
reason to believe that, in addition to Neudorf, these records will 
include at least some info for the Gluscha settlements of northern 
Volhynia, perhaps as far south as Wladimir Wolhynsk and some German 
settlements in the Lublin region of Russian Poland.

We will add this information to our web pages within a few days.  If 
any of you readers order in any of these films, please report back to 
us with your findings, especially with respect to the coverage area.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca  


Message: 4
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:08:42 +0200
From: "Gerhard Koenig" <Gerhard.Koenig at gmx.net>
Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] New genealogical society for
To: ger-poland-volhynia at eclipse.sggee.org
Cc: mario.seifert at bggroteradler.de
Message-ID: <20060912140842.271240 at gmx.net>
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Genealogical association of Brandenburg founded

The genealogical association of Brandenburg "Roter Adler e.V." (BGG) was
founded in Potsdam on the 29th of June 2006. After the phase of preparation
and founding, registration at the local court and confirmation of the public
utility by the tax office, we are now starting with the skilled work.

The field of research of the BGG is orientated at the borders of the Mark
Brandenburg in the beginning 19th century. For formerly bordering regions
around Brandenburg, such as Altmark, Neumark, we intend to collaborate with
other institutes/associations, who count those regions to their work of

To account for the regional differences we establish working parties (AK) /
research groups (FG) for the separate sections of Brandenburg. These are
orientated at the existing landscape, such as the Prignitz, Uckermark,
Mittelmark, Neumark and the Niederlausitz. A further, smaller partition,
such as Ruppin, Havelland, Oderbruch etc. is possible.

A good working research center for the Neumark is already exisiting at the
consortium of the eastgerman genetic family research e.V. (AGoFF). We don't
intend to start our own AK or FG for this area, but look for a close
collaboration with the research center Neumark at the AGoFF. Further the BBG
aims for a close cooperation with the association for computer-genealogy and
the consortium of the genealogical organisations as well as all
institutions, who refer to the research area of the BBG.

At present we prepare the publishing of cyclic membernews "Brandenburgische
Genalogische Nachrichten" as well as a yearbook (starting in 2007 - at the
moment still without a title). These publications are open to the members
and AK/FG to presentate their results of the latest research.

The association presently counts 31 members.

For further questions, please, contact us online under www.bggroteradler.de
or by post:

Brandenburgische Genealogische Gesellschaft
Roter Adler e.V.
PSF 60 03 13
14403 Potsdam

In case of postal requests, please enclose return postage.

E-Mail: Vs at bggroteradler.de
Homepage: www.bggroteradler.de
Finanzamt Potsdam-Stadt, Steuer - Nr. 046/142/109002 Amtsgericht Potsdam,
Vereinsregister - Nr.  VR 6801 P
"Feel free" - 10 GB Mailbox, 100 FreeSMS/Monat ...
Jetzt GMX TopMail testen: http://www.gmx.net/de/go/topmail


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