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Lloyd Friedrick asked the following question:
"It seems that all my Internet searches do not provide what I am  

Knowing how to look is as important as what to look for.
This may help.

Google is not case sensitive
Google is a 'full text search' - it indexes entire web pages.
the ten word limit is no more
Google does advanced searches

Google search Set Up
set preferences on web browser Google Search page
Interface language 'English' (or other choice)
Search language- Search for pages written in any language (Recommended).
SafeSearch Filtering- Do not filter my search results.
Number of Results- Display 100 results per page.
Save your preferences when finished and return to search.
do a plain word search
Do a though conveying word search: bread
check the amount of pages returned-enter: bread bread
check the amount of page returned-enter: bread bread bread
check the amount of pages it returns- see...repetition matters.

Word order also matters-try it with a different sequence.

•Special Syntaxes:  experiment with these•
intitle:  inurl:  intext:  inanchor:  site:  link:  cache:   
daterange:  filetype:  related:  info: phonebook:
For a phone number search use   phonebook: name state

One of my favorite special syntaxes is   site:   I then add a top  
domain name    site:.edu
then I add my topic  site:.edu canadian timeline
(it is typed in as so   site colon dot edu space word space word)

I have limited my search to educational institutions-

try all of the top domain names individually for specified results.
Be specific on the thought conveying words. use the correct ones.
(computers obey-choose carefully what you say)

To search all top domains at once, do a simple word search.

Top level DOMAINS

country code

We are basically familiar with the following top level DOMAINS

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