[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Draeger/Dreger in Krzepszew, Kutno Parish

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 15 20:55:14 PDT 2006

Quite a puzzle, this place.  One should reasonably assume that 
Karolewo and Krzyszew should be in reasonable proximity and should be 
in the Kutno Parish but I cannot find that.

There is only on Karolew(o) that seems to be in Kutno Parish, located 
about 10 km north of Kutno.  I have looked at a variety of detailed 
maps and don't see anything like Krzyszew in the area.

The closest match I can find to Krzyszew  is Krzeszew which is on my 
map but it is located just south of Ozorkow.  There is another 
Karolew(o) some 10 km to the SSW but it just doesn't make sense that 
anyone from here would go to Kutno to register a birth when it is so far away.

For the time being, this location may have to remain a mystery.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

At 03:36 PM 15/09/2006, Rose Ingram wrote:
>Ooops, I made a typographical error.  The birth village is written Krzyszew.
>From: "Rose Ingram"
> > Delores,
> >
> > I happen to have some birth records from Kutno parish because of my
> > interst in the Krebs name.
> >
> > I have a copy the 1858 birth record for Wilhelm, but not the 1861 record
> > for Adolf.
> > In the column the village is clearly shown as Krsyszew.  Witness Gottlieb
> > Weber is from this village and Samuel Krebs the other witness is from
> > village Karolewo.
> >
> > I have not looked at my maps in order to locate these places.
> >
> > Hope this helps some.
> >
> > Rose Ingram
> >

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