[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Draeger/Dreger in Krzepszew, Kutno Parish

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 16 06:26:23 PDT 2006

AHA!  The power of discussion.

Skrzysew(y) is on my map, about 20 km ENE of Kutno, 4 km NNE of 
Zychlin.  Only 2 km NW of there, not on my map, is 
Karolew(o).  Holendry Dombrowski is another 5 km or so NW of Karolew(o).

I cannot explain why Skrzysew would be represented as Krzysew on a 
given record but logic tells me, with all these connecting threads, 
that it must be so.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

At 10:56 PM 15/09/2006, Rose Ingram wrote:
>Something new  re Krzyszew.
>Bear with me.  In my personal database I have Samuel Krebs and Anna 
>Justine Engel marrying 1847 in Przedecz (same on main Pedigree 
>Database).  So far I have only one child for them, Pauline born 1854 
>in Skrzyzew as written on the birth record recorded in Kutno parish 
>books but baptism done in Gostynin church.  One witness from 
>'Hollendry Dobrowski' and godmother Eva Zawadski Weber from 
>Skrzyzew. (Eva may be wife of Gottlieb Weber shown on Wilhelm 
>Dreger's 1858 birth record),
>My guess is that Skrzyzew could either Skrzyneczki or Skrzynki (both 
>on my map) about 12 Km NW of Gostynin.
>It is possible Samuel Krebs and Wilhelmina Krebs Dreger could be 
>siblings and that in 1858 Samuel was living in the Karolewo which is 
>close to Nowa Wies and Duninow on the Vistula River - and traveled 
>to his nephew's 1858 baptism.  I again looked at Wilhelm's baptism 
>record which is recorded in Kutno parish books, but the town the 
>baptism took place looks like "L~owichn"?
>Lowicz comes to mind.  :-)   Isn't this fun!
>Maybe this family had some good horses and buggy and liked travelling around.
>I guess we will only get to the bottom this by looking at the all 
>birth records in all the surroundings parishes some of which are in 
>the Parish Records Index.
>Rose Ingram
>From: "Jerry Frank" Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 8:55 PM
>Subject: Re: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Draeger/Dreger in Krzepszew, Kutno Parish
>>Quite a puzzle, this place.  One should reasonably assume that 
>>Karolewo and Krzyszew should be in reasonable proximity and should 
>>be in the Kutno Parish but I cannot find that.
>>There is only on Karolew(o) that seems to be in Kutno Parish, 
>>located about 10 km north of Kutno.  I have looked at a variety of 
>>detailed maps and don't see anything like Krzyszew in the area.
>>The closest match I can find to Krzyszew  is Krzeszew which is on 
>>my map but it is located just south of Ozorkow.  There is another 
>>Karolew(o) some 10 km to the SSW but it just doesn't make sense 
>>that anyone from here would go to Kutno to register a birth when it 
>>is so far away.
>>For the time being, this location may have to remain a mystery.
>>Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
>>FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
>>At 03:36 PM 15/09/2006, Rose Ingram wrote:
>>>Ooops, I made a typographical error.  The birth village is written Krzyszew.
>>>From: "Rose Ingram"
>>> > Delores,
>>> >
>>> > I happen to have some birth records from Kutno parish because of my
>>> > interst in the Krebs name.
>>> >
>>> > I have a copy the 1858 birth record for Wilhelm, but not the 
>>> 1861 > record
>>> > for Adolf.
>>> > In the column the village is clearly shown as 
>>> Krsyszew.  Witness > Gottlieb
>>> > Weber is from this village and Samuel Krebs the other witness is from
>>> > village Karolewo.
>>> >
>>> > I have not looked at my maps in order to locate these places.
>>> >
>>> > Hope this helps some.
>>> >
>>> > Rose Ingram
>>> >

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