[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Solomka / Friedrichsdorf on GOOGLE Earth

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Sorry for the last post.  It did not forward correctly.

Jerry Frank

On September 21, 2006, Ray Bloch wrote:

Excellent post.  I spent some time trying to figure out how to get Google to recognize the latitude and longitude and I had to go to their help page to
find it.  You may want to let people know that to get it work correctly, you enter the coordinates in the following manner:  N 50 49 26 E 26 13 58 into
the drop down box.  I was entering the degrees, minutes and it wouldn't work.

I am waiting for higher resolution scans around Zhitomir.  I see that Zhitomir has high res but the areas to the north still haven't been entered into the system.


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> Quite a few of our readers have ancestry that takes them back to
> Solomka / Friedrichsdorf in Volhynia.  You can zoom right into this
> village via satellite image and GOOGLE Earth.
> The coordinates are North 50' 49" 26 and East 26" 13" 58.
> If you pull back to about 9200 ft. eye level elevation, you will see
> that Solomka lies at the north end of a rough triangular clearing in
> the forest.  For some reason GOOGLE chooses to identify the now
> extinct village of Goncharykha which is the location of Sredneye
> Solomka.  Solomka Nakoty was at the bottom point of the
> triangle.  Though neither of the latter two villages exists anymore,
> you can still make out the roads along which the houses used to
> stand.  By moving the cursor around, you can see that this triangular
> piece of land is in a shallow valley at around 600 ft.
> elevation.  The forest to the east, south and west ranges up to 670 ft.
> If you move a little to the northeast of there at North 50' 51" 35
> East 26" 17" 59, you will find Berestowitz
> By the way, I like to set a slight tilt to the view.  This adds
> perspective and depth to the image.  Makes it appear more like you
> are looking out the window of an airplane rather than straight down
> from outer space.
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