[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wyszogrod parish Marriage Record

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if your interpretation is right, some possible locations are:
Miszewo Murowane,
Miszewko Strzalkowski (formerly called Strzalkowski or Miszewo) and

All three places are not too far apart.

Since you are looking for a 1785 record you have to look into the
Roman-Catholic church books.
I think all three places have or had R.-C. churches.

The Lau family name is quite frequent along the Vistula. However there
are no entries for Lau in the Index of the Miszewo-Murowane church
book for that time period.
So I would start looking for the other R.-C. parishes.

Kind regards
Jutta Dennerlein


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> I have a 1843 marriage record from The Wyszogrod Parish for my gggg
> grandfather Friedrich Lau.  I am having trouble in
> deciphering the village
> where he was born in 1785. It looks like Miszewo or
> Miszewko.  Also what
> parish would it be in?    I can scan a copy of the record.
> Thank you.
> Joyce
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