lois bolnick loisarlene2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 12:18:35 PDT 2007

Can someone tell me if Sudargas/Sudargen  is considered part of Volhynia?  Sudargen is in Lithuania 
  I have been looking for clues in several lists but have not found much to go by.
  Sudargen is in Lithuania but very near the border of what was East Prussia and now is part of Russia?  I found my PYK/PIECK ancestors on a FHC film (1843-1886) films 1945745/46 Birth Index for Sudargen. No other films are available for this town.  I am now looking for FRIEDRICK GUSTAVE HALBE.
  Would I check Lutheran Church records in the Lithuanian Archives?  Gustav Halbe said on the passenger list (1868) he was from Koenigsberg and his wife (1871) said she was from Lasdehnen, both then in East Prussia.  Perhaps they were at these 2 towns prior to emigrating and not necessarily from there.
  I guess my question is:  Do I research the Lithuanian Archives or try and figure out where the records might be in East Prussia?
  Hope someone can give me some advice as I have been at a dead end for a few years.
  Lois Bolnick, Concord, NH

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