[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Origin of Helwig from Plock, Poland - Russia area

Daryl Helwig sofasurfer at intouchmi.com
Fri Aug 17 16:42:29 PDT 2007

Helwig siblings (nine of them) came to America from 1897 - 1912. The 
oldest, Augusta says her last residence was Russia. I assume she refered 
to Poland - Russia, since the rest lived in Nieszawa, Bobrowniki, Plock 
and Rybit.

The siblings names are: Augusta, Edward Jr, Karoline, August, Mathilda, 
Adolph G., Otto, Bertha and Emelie (Amelia?). First child born 1875. 
Actually, I have found NO info on Emelia and so I can't say for sure 
that she came over.

I see that some of these place names are duplicated around the country. 
But I would bet that all the places listed above refer to the one in (or 
very near) Plock (County? Provence?).

The 6th sibling to come over last resided in Bobrowniki and was born in 
Lipno. His is the only specific birthplace I have.

I have enough info after they came over. But what I have stated above is 
all I have before their arrival. I would like to learn more about them 
but am still learning what may be available. Theres not much to learn 
about them before they immigrated since they mostly came over in their 
teen years.

My biggest challenge right now is finding info on their father Edward 
Helwig and mother Minnie Klinger. Edward is said to have come from 
Volska Budea (or Badea) in Europe or from Volakesbuden, Prussia on the 
border of Germany. I have not found one place that seems to be related 
to these names. In fact I have been told that they do not and never did 
exist. I can only assume that they have a basis of fact somewhere.

Hopefully records from the places listed above may give a clue as to 
Edwards origins.

Thanks for any help.

Daryl Helwig

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