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I would guess this to be the colony of Beresina in Bessarabia which was
situated west of Odessa and settled about 1814 to 1842; a large number of
the 2000 German families who emigrated to Bessarabia did emigrate from
Poland, so it is possible that some of your Belter relatives moved over to
Bessarabia whereas other members remained in Poland.
Howard Krushel  

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I am working on a link with USA Belter's.  They have birth information of

Martin Belter born 1 Nov.1832 in Beresina, Russia and son Johann Belter born
Sept 1853 also in Beresina, Russia.

Anyone have an idea where that is and is it close to Petrokau, Wohlynien, 

Thanks, Rita Lyster

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