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> At 04:41 PM 23/08/2007, Kyle Sattler wrote:
> >I have been translating a Polish marriage record from the Babiak parish
> >for the marriage of Andreas Weidmann and Wilhelmine Kruger.  The record
> >states that Andreas is a farmer in Gorki.  It also says that he was born
> >in "Tzubela pod Grabowom".  I translate this to mean Tzubela below
> >Grabow, meaning a small town underneath the larger center of Grabow.  I
> >find several listings of Grabow(e)(o) near Gorki.  However, I can't find
> >a Tzubela.  The closest I can guess is Tobolka?  I am not sure of the
> >Polish language and the pronunciation so maybe this is a possibility?
> >Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> >
> >Kyle Sattler
> >Milestone, SK
> >
> Drove right past Milestone today on our way home from Manitoba.  Had
> stayed overnight in Weyburn.  :-)
> Can you scan the record and send me a copy?  Sometimes another set of
> eyes helps to figure out the correct letter combination.  While
> Polish has some, what appears to us as, unusual letter combinations,
> Tz at the start of a word is not one of them.  Cz would have a
> similar sound but I don't see any possibilities there either.

> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

JewishGen ShtetlSeeker finds 41 Gorki towns in Poland.  Which Gorki are you
referring to, Kyle?  Do you know for sure which one it is?

There are many Grabow(e)(o) listings also, as you say.  If you were sure
which Gorki is correct, we could use ShtetlSeeker to look for towns with
similar sounds as Tzubela.  There are some possibilities, but they would
have to be close to the corect Gorki.

ShtetlSeeker is at http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/LocTown.asp

Jerry can probably give you some help if you send a scan of the marriage
record as he suggests.

Joe in Texas

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