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Dear Edith,
	The Claas Epp trek is well known in Mennonite circles.  There have
been at least two books written about this subject that I am aware of:
1.  "Our Trek to Central Asia" by Franz Bartsch.  This book is part of the
Echo Historical Series and is a translation of a book published in German in
1907.  The English version was published in 1993 by CMBC Publications,
Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
2.  "The Great Grek of the Russian Mennonites to Central Asia 1880-1884" by
Fred Richard Belk.  This book was published in 2001 by Wipf and Stock
Publishers, 150 W. Broadway, Eugene, Oregon  97401.

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Hello Fellow Members!  Thanks to all who responded to my request for info re
a group of German-Russians who followed a charismatic leader "East" to await
the second coming of Christ.
By "googling" Old Believers, Pietists, Separatists, I found the following
websites that gave additional info:
www.directionjournal.org/article/?1019       Mennonite Millennial Madness
Wikipedia                                                        Claas Epp,
Claas Epp Jr. and followers trekked to Tashkent/Bukhara in 1880.  When the
promised event did not occur, his disillusioned congregation dwindled and
most returned to Russia.
This is the story that I remember reading, but I still have not learned the
exact book title/author.  At least I now know that this was an actual event,
not fiction.
My memory of the  WW11 Allied border-crossing denials must have been a
footnote or epilog in the book.  It may have been a follow-up on
descendents of this venture.   Claas Epp's story occurred 60+  years and
many generations earlier.
Again, thank you for your assistance via these valuable mail lists.    
Edith Rimple McKelvy                     edies_hook at msn.com 
Silverdale WA

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