[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Book title/author request dtd 21 Aug 07, follow-up

Edith McKelvy edies_hook at msn.com
Sat Aug 25 15:29:04 PDT 2007

Hello Fellow Members!  Thanks to all who responded to my request for info re
a group of German-Russians who followed a charismatic leader "East" to await
the second coming of Christ.
By "googling" Old Believers, Pietists, Separatists, I found the following
websites that gave additional info:
www.directionjournal.org/article/?1019       Mennonite Millennial Madness
Wikipedia                                                        Claas Epp,
Claas Epp Jr. and followers trekked to Tashkent/Bukhara in 1880.  When the
promised event did not occur, his disillusioned congregation dwindled and
most returned to Russia.
This is the story that I remember reading, but I still have not learned the
exact book title/author.  At least I now know that this was an actual event,
not fiction.
My memory of the  WW11 Allied border-crossing denials must have been a
footnote or epilog in the book.  It may have been a follow-up on
descendents of this venture.   Claas Epp's story occurred 60+  years and
many generations earlier.
Again, thank you for your assistance via these valuable mail lists.    
Edith Rimple McKelvy                     edies_hook at msn.com 
Silverdale WA

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