[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where is Buczewie/Budzewiec? - Neumann Research

Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Fri Aug 31 05:11:18 PDT 2007

Ron Neuman schrieb:

>I have copies of the death records for a father and son (Johann 
>Neumann and Andreas Neumann) who are my ancestors.  The death record 
>for the father, Johann Neumann, is from the Lubstow Catholic Church 
>records (about 5 km south of Sompolno).  The death record for the 
>son, Andreas Neumann, is from the the Sompolno Lutheran Church records.
>Copies of my translations of the records are shown below, and Jerry 
>Frank has looked at the originals and agreed that I have generally 
>translated them correctly.
>My question pertains to the place of birth that is listed in both of 
>the death records - it is spelled Buczewie in Johann's death record, 
>and Budzewiec in Andreas's death record.  I suspect strongly that it 
>would be the same village.  Can anyone help me with the location of 
>this village?

Hello Ron,
9 km ssw of Lubstów, Sompolno powiat, is a village named 'Bilczew' 
bordering on the road Nr.266.
'In Bilczew' = 'w Bilczewie'. An inhabitant of Bilczew would be called a 
If there possibly was a (quite popular) misspelling of il = u, this 
could be your village.


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