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I can only assume that the place you are looking for might be Bilczew,
located at N 52,28542? and E 18,4244?.
It is not too far from Lubstow to be mentioned without any further

Albert Breyer mentions Bilczew as a German settlement with a school in
1919. According to his classification the inhabitants have been
"Pommern" and "Maerker". 

I would like to bring you in contact with someone in Poland who is
looking for Neumann in roughly the same area.
If you are interested, please contact me directly.

Kind regards
Jutta Dennerlein

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> I have been away for two days, and based on Jerry's recent email, I 
> realize that my message was one that "lost the text".
> Let's try again - here is the text that I sent with the original 
> message. Hopefully it will make more sense now.
> I have copies of the death records for a father and son (Johann 
> Neumann and Andreas Neumann) who are my ancestors.  The death record

> for the father, Johann Neumann, is from the Lubstow Catholic Church 
> records (about 5 km south of Sompolno).  The death record for the 
> son, Andreas Neumann, is from the the Sompolno Lutheran 
> Church records.
> Copies of my translations of the records are shown below, and Jerry 
> Frank has looked at the originals and agreed that I have generally 
> translated them correctly.
> My question pertains to the place of birth that is listed in both of

> the death records - it is spelled Buczewie in Johann's death record,

> and Budzewiec in Andreas's death record.  I suspect strongly that it

> would be the same village.  Can anyone help me with the location of 
> this village?
> Johann Neumann - DEATH:  Catholic Church records for Lubstow,
> Microfilm #0,746,759; LDS; Death records for 1819; "Year one
> eight hundred nineteen on the 16th day of March in front of the 
> parish priest of Lubstow in his duty as civil registrar in the 
> village of Lubstow, district of Pyzdrskiego, in the province of 
> Kalisch, came Andreas Nowak, colonist, son of the deceased, age 50 
> years, and Michael Hermann, also a colonist, age 36 years, both 
> living in Wierzelin, and declared to us, a death on the 14th day of 
> March of the current year, at the hour of 12:00 noon, there died in 
> the house of his son; Jan Nowak, age 82 years, born in 
> Buczewie.  This document of death was read to those present 
> and then signed."
> Andreas Neumann - DEATH:  Lutheran Evang. Church Records for 
> Sompolno, Poland; 1849-1854; Microfilm Number 0,758,348; Death
> #188 for 1849; "It happened in Sompolno on the 7th/19th of September

> in the year 1849 at the hour of seven in the evening.  There 
> presented themselves Gottfryd Neumann, farmer age 28 years, and 
> Krystof Schmidt, farmer age 55 years, both living in Wierzelin, and 
> they testified that on yesterday that at the hour of 4:00 in the 
> morning, in Wierzelin, Andreas Neumann died, widower and tenant 
> farmer in Wierzelin, age 67 years, born in Budziewic, son of Jan and

> Krystyny Neumann. There was ascertainment by eyewitness concerning 
> the death of Andreas Neumann. This entry was read to those present
> whom the first was a son of the deceased and the second a    ?    of

> the deceased."  The age of 67 years at the time of death would place

> his year of birth as about 1782.
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