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This is only an INDEX of the inhabitants.  I have extractions of all the 
actual records for the names show in the Index.  In fact I have added about 
20,000 names since this index was posted.  If you do not have the actual 
information on the people you are researching let me know and I can probably 

In your last post you said "From Landestreu, Galicia Parents of Johann 
Konrad Schappert: Heinrich Schappert m. to Wilhelmine nee Kullmann"

In fact there were three different Schapperts married to Kullmans in 
Landestreu.  Your Georg Heinrich Schappert was married to Maria Christina 
Kullmann and had a son Johann Konrad.  This Georg was also married two other 
times, to a Wilhelmina Kendel and a Katharina Baumunk.


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> Hello All,
>  If you are interested in researching Galician ancestors, but hesitated 
> joining this web site because of the focus on Volhynia and 
> Rus-German-Poland, hesitate no more. In the last few days I have turned my 
> attention to my great-grandmother's side of the family (Wilhelmine Menke 
> nee SCHAPPERT), and have a copy of her birth certificate with her parent's 
> names, and their parent's names and villages.
>  With that information I went to the SGGEE database under RESEARCH tab, 
> #8. GALICIA - INDEX OF INHABITANTS, and there are literally THOUSANDS of 
> names in there with villages, birth, marriage, and death records. I found 
> exact people I am looking for as well as dozens (hundreds?) of probable 
> relatives.
>  Bottom line - even if your primary interest is Galicia, just that 
> database is worth membership.
>  Chris Menke
> Researching Menke / Manke, Brandt, Knorr
>  in Prussia, German-Poland, Russian-Poland, Volhynia
>  Researching Schappert (Schuppert), Ernst, Kullmann, Weiss
>  in Galicia and Bukovina
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